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Due to government policy related to Covid-19 and a desire to keep our patrons safe, Alhambra and LA locations can not provide dine in service. This policy starts November 26 and continues through December 17th. However, take out and delivery services will still be available. 



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Our Story Begins In The East

Chengdu sits at the western edge of China’s Sichuan basin. The fertile Chengdu Plain, on which the city is located, is also known as the “Country of Heaven”, a phrase often translated as “The Land of Abundance”, for it has always been blessed with a wealth of natural resources and agricultural products. As the provincial capital, Chengdu brings together the impressive regional culinary delicacies of Sichuan, and is even officially recognized as the “City of Gastronomy” by the United Nations.

The nickname “Jin-Cheng” (or “City of Brocade”) for Chengdu dates back to the Three Kingdoms era. “When dawn comes, we will see splashes of red flowers with drops of dew blossoming all over Jin-Cheng.” This was how Du Fu, a prominent poet from the Tang Dynasty, recorded his impression of Chengdu in his famous poem “Sweet Rain on A Spring Night”, hence the literal name of our restaurant, Jin-Cheng-Li (“Inside Chengdu” or “Sichuan Impression”).

The founders of Sichuan Impression were born and raised in a family of culinary art. After they traveled across the ocean to the States, they wished to present the most traditional, most authentic possible Sichuan cuisine to the American eaters with elevation in the quality of raw material and a contemporary style. An integrated selection of local snacks, the classics, regional specialties and new school specialties is ready to feast you on a sensational culinary journey of “Sichuan Impression”.




We ordered a bowl of Bo Bo chicken, a dish my friends  had never tried before, and we all loved it so much we finished everything. 


I was so very sad. Knowing my stomach was full. And I was forced to stop eating.


I come from Sichuan and I must say, the mapo tofu here is the best I've ever had in Los Angeles. 



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